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Cinematography Tips for HD Video Lighting

HDR Video The original video was shot as test footage for a location I am scouting. As I will be shooting on the 550D I took some footage to test the dynamic range to figure the best shooting light and time of day.
As the footage was shot with a fairly even dynamic range eg: without too many highlights or dark areas I thought it would be good to test as a HDR video.

Things I have learnt from making this HDR video:
*Shoot with a fast frame rate* as I was shooting at 25fps when there is motion either in the scene or as I pan/tilt you get a flicker on the blurred frames.
*Watch out for even graduations* it appears that if there is a constant graduation noise/compression artifacts are generated.
*Keep the camera steady* the steadier the shot the better the HDR
*Expose within your cameras dynamic range limit* if you have highlights or dark areas you get noise/artifacts.
These are just a few things I noticed from my test.
If anyone has any advice please share. I would love a bean splitter but for most of us it is out of the question.

For a Tutorial on how to process the footage check out: http://youtu.be/Hmwy1M91FCo

Location: Southern NSW Australia



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