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Immersion Imagery and it's crew has a great love for film & the process of film production. Our crew have been involved in above the line roles in film, documentaries and television pilots.
We understand that with the current state of funding in Australia it can be difficult to get you project off the ground, this may be where Immersion Imagery can help.
If you have a film project, documentary, TV pilot etc that you need a production crew to assist with we are more then willing to offer our technical experience form pre-production through to post.
If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact.



2010-11 Nov-March "ALL NIGHT GAMING"

In Sep of 2010 we were approached by our good friend Jack Michelle who asked us if we would be interested in assisting in the production of a film that he was co-producing, 'All Night Gaming'. After some discussions with the Director Michael Cusack we decided to assist with the production in the roles of DOP, crew & gear.


2010 Oct-Nov "ENERGY"
In October we were asked to assist with the production of 'Energy' a lifestyle television pilot on natural healing produced by Francois Awad & Jerome Baudel from ChannelMedia. The production took two days with one day on location in Sydney Erskinville market & the Buddha Bar in Newtown. The second day was spent in a studio shooting interviews on green screen. Working with Francois & Jerome was a great pleasure & we wish them much success with the pitching of the pilot.


Children entertainer Nikko from Party Heros contacted us wanting to make a children's television pilot called 'The Party Pirates'. Working with Nikko & his team was a great pleasure, we had a good time shooting on location & in the sets he constructed. Nikko is a very talented artist and has put alot of thought into The party Pirates, with good characters, funny jokes & original songs he should not have a problem generating interest in this children's show.

Childrens TV pilotproduction childrens tv pilot production
childrens tv pilot production childrens tv pilot production


During 2008 we had the pleasure of being involved in the production of Stan Karpinski's documentary history drama 'First War for the West'.
This presented us with some interesting challenges with regards to lighting. As we were shooting on the Sony Z1, we attempted to get the elusive film look with this 1/3inch chip camera. For this we shot at a low aperture and lit the sets with low wattage lights, shooting much of it in the telephoto range of the lens to get as much DOF as possible.

independent film production01 independent film production02
independent film production03 independent film production04
independent film production05 independent film production06
independent film production07 independent film production08
independent film production09 independent film production10


In 2007-08 we heard of a film project based on a play that was soon to go into production. We contact the director Adam Loughlin to find out more about the project.
We were in production of 'The Girl Who Lived' for about 8 months. Shooting in a studio with sets & green screen, the production also took us up to the highlands, the snowy mountains & the coast for exterior scenes.
Working with Adam & the cast was a great experience & we learnt much from working on this project.

hd-film-production01 hd film production02
hd film production03 hd film production04