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HDR 'High Dynamic Range' photography by Richard J Jones
From the moment I heard about HDR I went crazy, the dynamic range and looks that can be achieved still blow me away.
All of the photography below was shot with an 'old' Nikon D70. I think the D70 produces amazing HDR, I prefer it over my newer Canon 60D for the gran & colour reproduction, the other advantage of the D70 is that it has a smaller sensor size which means that when you are shooting in low light, the kind you tend to find in abandoned locations you do not have to fight for depth of field while still maintaining a fast shutter speed which is more difficult with the newer larger chip cameras like the Canon 60D or 5D.
I usually take between five to seven exposures, 1 - 3 stops apart and combine using Photomatix, the photos are then brought into Photoshop for final sharpening and colour blending/grading.
Urban exploration and abandoned HDR photography is probably my favorite photography pass time as these kinds of locations lend themselves to a real gritty kind of photography that I am a big fan of, whats more there is always a thrill exploring abandoned places.





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HDR Photography 'Art In Urban Exploration' By Richard Jones Is a photography picture book of abandon architecture, unusual locations, objects and street art.
If you are interested in HDR Photography or urban exploration then this book serves as inspiration.   

Artist Excerpt: "Photography for me is a kind of story telling. I feel that not only do people have stories to share, places and objects also contain a hidden memory, the emotion somewhat personally introspective of ones self. To me abandoned places and objects are in a kind of waiting limbo, the beauty in decay occasionally accented by the colours of graffiti contain moods that I feel HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography accentuates  with surreal, hyper realistic renditions. My intention is to share these photographs with you to respectfully ad remembrance to these moments of limbo and the beauty they contain."


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