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Macro Photography & Video Sydney Australia
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Below you will find a collection of macro photography taken by Richard J Jones of NSW Australia.
"My interest in macro photography only really took off in the last few years, from that point I have been experimenting with lenses, reversing rings & flash setups.
Currently for my macro photography I am using a Canon 60D or 550D with an Canon 18-200mm reversed, I find this the easiest setup to use as far as focus and F-stops setup. The drawback to using a reversed lens is that you do get chromatic aberrations. For this reason I also use a 1.4f 50mm lens on a bellow reversed and right way round. The difference between the lenses is obvious however patience is required as focus is more difficult.
As for lighting I either use natural lighting however I find that you have to compensate with a lower f-stop. Flash units are the best way to go as it will give more light and thus more stops, I have used a flash set up that comprises of two flash units on arm that can be orientated depending on subject and I found this to work well. My current flash is a Opteka RL 600 macro flash ring, this is by far the easiest option however you do not have a great deal of control over the flash unit orientation like you do with arms and I tend to use only one flash with a piece of white card taped to the top that is used to bounce the light and this I find gives an nicer diffused top fill.
I will at some stage include some photos of the different setups.

Macro photography of insects is alot of fun, it has offered me a new appreciation of insect and entomology.