Music Video Production

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Music Video Production


Music Videos offer a great way to gain exposure, increase your fan base and re-enforce your image.
Music Videos do not have to be expensive and now as the dawn of accessible HD formats are becoming available means you do not have to spend tens of thousands on a music video shot on film.
However quality verse cost is of the greatest concerns with clients who approach us enquiring about Music Video Production, this understood we endeavour to offer quality creative Music Videos to suit your style and budget.
Music Video Production is our passion as it enables us (filmmakers) to embark on a creative journey in collaboration with you to push our own creative outlet.
As filmmakers we understand the dynamics of lighting, performance, image, colour and grading and the all important looks that can be achieved by the use of Jibs, Steady-cams & Dollies.

What we can offer:

  • Pre production (Shot List, Concept, Schedules)
  • Production
  • 2-3 x Crew
  • 2 x HD Cameras
  • Basic Hair & Makeup
  • Basic Lighting
  • Equipment (tripods, lenses, dolly, shoulder rigs, monitors,)
  • Audio Playback
  • Catering (food and drinks)
  • Editing (flat rate of 20 hours)
  • Colour grading
  • Output to 3x DVDs + data disk with a H.264 (MOV) for YouTube + a digibeta tape for broadcast on ABC rage etc.

Working in collaboration with you we will endeavour to produce a quality, creative Music Video that best portrays the look and feel you are trying to achieve while maintaining your budget.
Prices starting at $1500

If you are interested in a music video please send us an email and include:

  • Contact Number
  • Budget
  • A brief description of concept
  • Location ideas
  • Delivery date
  • Link or copy of song

Please do not hesitate to contact we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.




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Electronic Press Kits


An EPK also know as an electronic press kit is a CD or DVD that works as a bio / show reel,
as a band an EPK can assist in promotion in a clear and simple way.

An EPK can contain:

  • Band info
  • Bios
  • Photos and images
  • Music Video
  • Live Recordings
  • Other promotional material

EPKs are the preferred medium for promoters / interested labels and venues.

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Live Event Production


Concert & Live Event recordings are a great way to reach your audience.
Immersion Imagery can shoot your concert for DVD sales at concerts or for exposure on yourwebsite, youtube, myspace, facebook or as content for an EPK.

We can shoot multi-camera to provide the right type of coverage and can even assist in providing a experienced lighting operator to give your recordings that visual edge.
Concert recordings can be output in a variety of formats:
FLV file for your Youtube.com uploads.




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