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Grave of the Unknown Soldier

The Grave of the Unknown Soldier is a short film that myself & my brother Andrew directed at the end of our Screen studies. It was influenced my the movie "Baraka' & even incorporates one of the tracks from the film.
We wanted to do a simple visual film without any dialogue. At this time I was tossing over story ideas with my father & he suggested a similar story.
I would have to say that we really enjoyed making this film.


The Crone
The Crone was a short film that we decided to do to give our recently purchased Sony Z7p a test drive.
It was shot mostly at Hill 60s abandoned bunkers. This presented us with a problem of power. At this time we did not have battery operated LEDs which is a must for any kit & there was no power at the location. We could not get a generator into the location as it was about 70m underground. We decided to go with a gas lantern & use the practical candles for lighting. We had a good time making this short & we were fortunate enough to be Short Sited 2009 winner for Horror.


Pirates was a short film written & directed by Karen Pouye. I had the pleasure of DOPing this project
Karen for this film wanted the elusive film look that at the time was difficult to get. Shooting with the Sony Z1 the only way to get shallow depth of field was to shoot with a 'M box' or 'red rock macro'. An M box has a spinning disk in a box that was attached to the front of the camera & a lens was attached to the front of that, light passes through the lens and is projected on the spinning disk before being captured by the camera.
We had a great time shoot this film, working with Karen & I think the film has a great message.

Pirates from Karen Pouye on Vimeo.