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The first war for the west Directed by Stan Karpinski

The First war of the west

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Tag Line “A time when history became legend”.


TFWFTW is a video production covering a defining moment in history, the Greco-Persian War of 499 to 450BC through the eyes of our hero, Kimon. The main part was from 490 BC to 479 BC and this period represents about 85% of TFWFTW. Most people know of this conflict through the 300 Spartans but they were only 3 days in a 49 year war. And Sparta withdrew from the conflict only a few short years later. It is expected it is best suited to a 3-4 part mini series for TV.


1) Historical accuracy is paramount but entertainment is a very close second. There is lots of drama and action and includes legendary feats (such as the 300 Spartans and the Marathon Run). 2) There is intrigue, treachery, murder, heroism, spectacular battles, incest, love, friendship and lots of drama. Extreme fluctuations in Kimon’s life from son of a hero and brave warrior in his own right to disgrace and bankruptcy. Then eventually, recovery and rise to commander of the league against Persia and immense stature in Greece, helping to preserve peace amongst Greeks. A true story of rise, fall and rise again. 3) 3 major land battles (Marathon, Thermopylae and Plataea) and one of the most decisive ,and, never portrayed before sea battles, at Salamis involving 900 ships. Also Eurymedon in 467 BC when Kimon led the league to crush a Persian navy and army in the one day. 4) Historical events never seen before will be included such as Xerxes ordering the flailing of the sea, re creations of the bridging of the Dardanelles and building of a canal at Mt Athos and, quotes from the Delphi Oracle. 5) Accurate portrayal of battle tactics and real events.

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