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What is a training video?

Training videos offer a clear, simple and succinct way to train and teach others.
Training videos are popular as DVDs or as an online video that is either embedded on your website or hosted on a popular web video provider such as Youtube or Vimeo that is ready to view at the click of a button.

Why use training videos?

Training videos are suited to situations in which your client or subject needs to require the right information in the right context and at the required pace.
If you have to spend time training new employees in a product or proceduree then a training video will save you time a money.
Training videos are becoming more popular as a means of conduction safe workplace training and we can assist in producing a work place training DVD to meet your needs.


• Educational assistance
• WHS (OH&S) Training
• Recruitment training
• Workplace training
• Product or service instruction

Benefits of video streaming:

• Simple and Succinct
• Workplace training
• Cost effective alternative
• Increasing SEOing
• Succinctly convey and idea or concept, product or service
• Desired viewing platform


• Consultation
• Production
• Multi Camera shoots
• Green screen shoot
• Editing
• Titles
• Output to required formats
• Uploading

Through consultation we will work with you to best achieve the outcome you require.
Please contact for a no obligation free quote.

Did you know?

Video tutorials & online training are popular search queries with an average of 16,600,000 AUD month searches. As a medium of communication video tutorials have unlimited use and capabilities not only as an educational and training tools but also as an extra sales product or to assist with SEOing (search engine optimisation).

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