Virtual Tour Production Wollongong, Southern Highlands


What is a virtual tour ?

A Virtual Tour is a technique of video production that as yet, has not caught on in Australia. It is a major selling point for many businesses and commercial enterprises over much of the world. It is a visual representation of your business, public attraction or property investment, to be found on your website, or as part of a package for you to give potential clients.

Having several years experience in London doing this very same thing but using a slightly different technique (technique and software created by NASA) in some of the worlds most renown restaurants, hotels and famous public domains, Immersion Imagery is bringing the virtual tour back to Australia, with their own updated techniques.



The virtual tour is practically designed for the real-estate business. This area is where it is most powerful, in terms of client interest, and it’s so simple. We come in with our gear, scout the location and get on with capturing the property in High Definition from that we can then process it, ready for your web master to install on your website.

Any client that goes onto your website can now have a guided tour of a prospective home or investment opportunity.



This kind of technology is great for businesses small and large, from coffee shops to large retailers. This is the opportunity to show of what your business is and the respectable nature in which you maintain it. For places like coffee shops, these are great to have showing on plasma TV’s around the shop, as well as having it on your website for the world to see.


Public Attractions:

Do you have a public attraction, like a wildlife park/zoo, or a boutique public garden? There are hundreds of these attractions that don’t get the attention they deserve, and its not because they aren’t worth seeing, its because they aren’t known and need a little boost to be seen by the public eye on the scale in which the owner would prefer. The Virtual Tour is exactly what you need.


What we can offer:
A High quality HD based video capturing all the views of the location that you require, incorporating graphic such as schematic diagrams, or relevant text.

Output: To DVD and in a Video Streaming format such as FLV or Quicktime for your website.

We are trying to move away from the typical Java run photo stitched Virtual Tour as its popularity has decreased over the last couple of years and as video streaming offers so much more.
Having a product such as video enables you to display it on a LCD in store if inclined and hand out DVDs to interested clients.
Video Streaming enables you to take your client on a actual tour of your venue while incorporating informational graphics and music if needed.

YouTube for your website:

I am going to give you a little more information on what we recommend to people who are interested in video streaming and are not sure how to host or upload videos.
Some clients are concerned taking this as an option if they have not used youtube.com in the past.
However the befits for having it hosted on youtube are great.
Youtube.com worth now more then 8 Billion received in June 2008 37% of the total internet usage in the States.
It is the preferred viewing platform for the demographic of 8 - 42years and works in conjunction with some of the biggest networking sites such as facebook.com & myspace.com.

As Youtube.com is the 'TV' of the internet people are more familiar with it as a viewing platform then any other.
If this is a option you with to take we can upload it to this site and supply you with a link to be embedded in your site free.

We can offer you:
A 0-30+ sec promotional video
5 x DVD
1 x CD containing a FLV or Quicktime file as backup
Price $400



Below are some examples of location Virtual Tours of the Southern Highlands NSW


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